How We Began

Spotlight started in 1992 with our first Aussie.  I thought I wanted a Blue
Heeler, but when my husband and I came across a little blue merle puppy
with blue eyes,  we were hooked.  We decided to make her part of our
and named her, Belle.   I quickly realized that Obedience classes
were a necessity.
 I went to Odessa College for classes and learned
about the Permian Basin
Obedience Training Club.  I obtained an ILP number
from AKC so that we could
compete with her in the AKC Obedience
Trails.  We took her to obedience
and agility classes where Belle earned
1 leg towards her CD and then
became Dave's rock climbing buddy.

And so began our journey into Spotlight Aussies.
Next to come into our lives was CH Bouncing Ball's Tye Em Up CD, HIC, NA.
Tye was that "special" dog that comes along once in a lifetime.  He was
able to manipulate anything and anyone when he put his mind to it.
Tye was my first Champion and in addition to his titles listed above
he also earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizenship Award).  He became a
Certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dog International and also earned
2 legs toward his CDX.

We began expanding with an eye toward conformation being carefull not
to lose the intelligence or working ability that Aussies are known for.

I hope you enjoy looking through our family of dogs.  In there you'll also
see some shorter versions.  These are our beloved Corgis.

Contact Us

Sherry Green

Cell   432-770-0988
or email at   Chevy227@aol .com